A new permaculture project at Bamff.

Springing forth from the pioneering Bamff Wildland project comes the Bamff Walled Garden; a permaculture project that seeks to revitalize a large Victorian walled garden long used primarily for cattle and sheep farming purposes (and with one small patch still currently used for domestic vegetable growing) with the aim of providing a bridge between rewilding and resilient food growing.

The walled garden in mid December.

This 1.5 acre (approx 6000m²) space is now largely abandoned, the cattle sheds empty and three large zones are waiting to be restored into areas for growing edible and medicinal produce using the permaculture principles of replicating as closely as possible natural habitats without waste or imbalanced inputs/outputs.

The garden still has many echoes of its past, such as the ruins of heated greenhouses and potting sheds, and although much of it is abandoned and unloved, there is still a latent magical force lying dormant, ready to be awoken.

The north west quadrant is the first location to be focused upon where a “forest garden” will be eventually established. The north east area will see a slightly different approach. The cattle sheds will need to be part dismantled and dramatically reconfigured into spaces for growing, for storing, for creating, for educating and for collaborating (there will certainly be a “cultural” aspect to this permaculture project further down the line). Additionally, a large area of rubble and topsoil deposited as a result of prior shed construction needs to be redistributed and become yet another area for regeneration.

Huge cattle sheds. Some serious reconfiguring needed..

But first, I need to learn all about permaculture itself, which begins in earnest (Covid permitting) with a permaculture design course beginning in January 2022, and also with the help of our local experienced educator and permaculturist Kate Everett, who helped to convince me of this new direction.

Initial ideas


About me.

I’m Dave Maric, a composer, musician, photographer living with partner/rewilder Sophie Ramsay and daughter Flora at Bamff since the end of 2018, seeing the world change dramatically from this remote vantage point, bringing a new child into this troubled world, and using this amazing opportunity to provide a symbol and sense of hope for all our children, joining forces with the ever growing community of enlightened growers around Scotland and the world.

Dave Maric…& scythe.